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Stripe or PayPal

Stripe or PayPal – The new kid on the block I must say after have set up a few clients online payment where they have used Stripe I am really impressed. Compare it towards PayPal and there is no doubt I would recommend Stripe for our clients and to everyone else. So what’s the hype about? Stripe is really easy to set up, there is no monthly fee and the transaction price is really low, so even the more traditional way of online payment with gateway and merchant account cannot compete with this. First of all you would need a SSL certificate for your webshop, but come one, you would need that anyway to stop man in the middle attack anyway, so the £20-£50 that would cost a year is a really god insurance. But you will gain on page payment window, you control the window, this means that the customers don’t leave your site to tap in their payment details in a 3rd party window. This is good for your conversion rate. So to compare it with PayPal Pro here is the difference. Stripe PayPal Pro Monthly Fee 0 £20 Transaction cost 2.4%+20p 3,4%+20P On page payment Yes NO Bank transfer 7 day rolling 2-5 days from your PayPal account   So with some fast computing you would already have saved in your SSL certificate after 1-2 months, and on top of that you save 1% on transaction cost… It’s a no brainer!!!   Conclusion, if you are setting up web site where you need to take payment, use Stripe – its better and cheaper, and you will...

Get Mobile

Mobile website – how to optimize your website More and more people are using their mobile phones and tablets to go on the net with over their PC or Mac, with associated large screen. Today it’s not unusual for 40-50% of your website traffic coming from mobile users. For some websites even more. The big question is how your website appears when visiting it from a mobile device such as a smartphone, iPhone, tablet etc. And what about search engine optimize your website for mobile users? In this post, I will take a closer look to your options, with SEO and user experience in mind. Regular website is hell on small screens Very few website works on big screens and small screens such as mobile phone and tablet screens if you do not optimize the site. If your text is divided into columns, wide horizontal navigation, a lot of information on one side of the site, this all make it a hell to use your website on a mobile device, your fingers will have to do a marathon. As a result, more and more users will leave your website and go to your competitor who have a better mobile optimized website. Is Google fleeing from your website Not only the users are abounding your website, Google is also fleeing it. Google can easily identify user’s patterns and are getting better and better to identify how your website works for mobile phones and tablets. So if they can see that your website is not mobile optimized or users leave your website faster than a Formula 1 car in pole position...

Hottest trends 2014

There is a lot of exiting stuff going on now regarding websites. Flat design or one page websites, started with windows 8 and now it is hot. With smartphone and tablet usage, has skyrocketed in the last couple of year, and for many business segments, it has already overtaken desktop traffic. There is no sign this will change in the nearest future, just take a look when you are out on town, a café, a bar or on the bus. Of course, you cannot only make a website for mobile device users; there is also a lot of desktop users so don’t forget them. However, have this in mind when you are choosing website design. I can only recommend using a responsive website design, this way the design will adapt to the screen size of the device used. Do this right and you will see your ROI increase more than 100%. We have seen this for several clients. Scrolling and yet more scrolling…. Get used to it, it is growing rapidly and typical seen with flat design, designers love it with mobile users in mind. Parallax scrolling, horizontal scrolling, column-based scrolling and infinite scrolling are all things that we will probably see more off. Less text, more graphics like icons and images, now we see a movement in websites getting rid of text and really more on images and pictures. This is great for many websites, but I still think you need to consider your website users and what they are using your site for so you do not scare them away. My advice, revamp your website and make...

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