Let’s lock it in at a fixed price

Local Marketing – At A Fixed Price

The solution is based on the auction principle, where supply and demand determines the price. If you are using single and “ordinary” keyword, you get a lot of searches and clicks, and there are so many advertisers in each category. That means a high price per click (PPC) per keyword.

Are you using more specific keywords that will be significantly fewer advertisers in the category and slightly fewer searches, which means a lower price.

With very specific keywords there will be very few advertisers and less searches, which means a very low cost per. visitors, and this is where we wish to move you towards.

Why does it work

Why is local marketing subscription at a fixed price a good idea?

Closer to decision

The user is now in buying / contact mode. This means its 80% more likely he will contact you.


We can segment the users better so you get traffic from users that are more likely to contact you.


We pinpoint your ad to local users and users in search for your service in your local area.


Only targeted users in your local area means fewer clicks, better quality and lover price.

We use Google magic

How dos it work?

  • We combine the three types of campaign structure, which gives us the opportunity to offer you a unique fixed price solution.
  • We create a bespoken campaign, suited for your needs, services and local area.
  • Your will have great visibility even if the users are outside your chosen area, if they search for your service in your local area. Great if the users work outside your area and search from his workplace.
  • Unlimited ad groups and keywords, with free support to change your keywords and ads. Great if you have seasonal services and products.

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