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Key Elements

Transparency, ROI, expense control, product developing and possibility to also manage your website. This is standard for our online marketing manager. Hire us fro 2, 4 or 6 hour a month.

Target Audience

We target your audience through analytics and readjust your marketing again and again. Big spending is not equal highest return, we will ensure your ROI increase.


Let’s discuss your strategy. We can help your create the perfect circle from visitor, lead, customer to cross selling and upselling.  Become a pro with our help.

Test it – Tweak it – Retest it again and again and again

Advanced Reporting

Through a thorough analysis, we find the keywords and ad text that will be optimal for your particular campaign. We build your campaign using our software for Google Adwords and any other search engines. We test and optimize your ongoing campaign to achieve the best power / price. You pay your clicks directly to Google / other search engines regularly, and thus you gain a better liquidity management and get a good overview of budget and expenses. You have full transparency of all aspects of your campaign. You yourself have access to accounts, and receives a monthly detailed report around, visitors, impressions, prices, page rankings, top 3 keywords, etc.

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