Stripe or PayPal

Stripe or PayPal – The new kid on the block

I must say after have set up a few clients online payment where they have used Stripe I am really impressed.

Compare it towards PayPal and there is no doubt I would recommend Stripe for our clients and to everyone else.

So what’s the hype about?

Stripe is really easy to set up, there is no monthly fee and the transaction price is really low, so even the more traditional way of online payment with gateway and merchant account cannot compete with this.

First of all you would need a SSL certificate for your webshop, but come one, you would need that anyway to stop man in the middle attack anyway, so the £20-£50 that would cost a year is a really god insurance.

But you will gain on page payment window, you control the window, this means that the customers don’t leave your site to tap in their payment details in a 3rd party window. This is good for your conversion rate. So to compare it with PayPal Pro here is the difference.

Stripe PayPal Pro
Monthly Fee 0 £20
Transaction cost 2.4%+20p 3,4%+20P
On page payment Yes NO
Bank transfer 7 day rolling 2-5 days from your PayPal account


So with some fast computing you would already have saved in your SSL certificate after 1-2 months, and on top of that you save 1% on transaction cost… It’s a no brainer!!!


Conclusion, if you are setting up web site where you need to take payment, use Stripe – its better and cheaper, and you will be grateful for protection your site with a SSL Certificate.

You can read more about Stripe here

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