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This is why we say your website is a service – not a product. If you do not have good content, content that is relevant for the users, content that is not up to date – your visitors will leave your website before they turn to customers.

If you do not market your website or are active in SEO, or in any other form of telling people, you have a website, nobody will find it. That is why we recommend website leasing where you get it all included.


Let us help you turn visitors into customers

Everything for a success full website

This is included in your new website

Drag and Drop

The drag and drop function lets us easy rearrange your layout with Divi theme. If you chose another team from our selection the design is a little more locked, but it can always be changed at a later stage.

Unlimited Pages

This means there are no limits on pages, categories, blog pages, news pages etc.

Easy Editing

It is easy to change and edit pages, post and images.

Unlimited Hosting

We have included a free domain (.com, or .uk), unlimited storage, unlimited email accounts and unlimited traffic. All of this is included for 12 month.

Fully Responsive

Your website will be fully responsive, this means it will look great for mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop users. No more thumb marathon for your users.

Add On

Easy to add on features, products and turn your site into a webshop. With WordPress you have a structure you can easily build on in the future.

We only build responsive websites

Why responsive?


of mobile users become frustrated and annoyed on poorly or not optimized sites for smartphones at all


of users would be less likely to engage with your company or recomend it, if the mobile experience on your site is bad


of users never leave home without their mobilephone


of users contact a local supplier after search on a mobile device

Did you know Google punish websites that is not mobile friendly?

That is why your new website is mobile friendly ( responsive design) and look great on all devices. Google’s biggest updates of the past know as Panda and Penguin. The Panda update released in 2011 with a goal of ranking high-quality sites before low-quality sites. The results affected 14% of all English searches on Google. The Penguin updates happened over three phases from 2012 to 2013 and combined, they affected 6% of all Google searches – globally on all devices. Google’s new algorithm update on April 21 will affect more websites then both of these previous updates combined, on average 700,000,000 searches will be affected each day. This algorithm update however you like it or not, will have a major impact onto companies visibility for online searches, companies like yours.

Test your site and see if Google think you are mobile friendly

Test My Site

Just for you – We create bespoke websites

Versatile Layout Options

With the drag and drop system, we can easy redesign your site so it suits all your needs.


Vertical or top navigation

With drag and drop we can easy rearrange your site and layout.

Header feel and look

The header can be formed and designed and redesigned to your needs.


Boxed or not

Box your layout or let it be full screen.

This is how we do it

Our Work Flow


Informal chat

It all start out with an informal chat about your needs and desires. From here we sign a work agreement which outline the scope of your new website. We pride our self with fair trading, this means no long contract or notice period, if we cant specify the job and terms in one page, its not good enough

Design & editing

We start designing your new website, receiving content from you or create content and images accordingly to our chats. Typical we build, erase and rebuild it again. It is important to focus on content and not design in this face of your new company website. When we have the content we adapt the webdesign so you end up having a professional company website.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to trust us, we know we can make the solution you want, and we know we are good at our work. So we are offering you 100% satisfaction – Money back Guarantee. The guarantee works this way; if you are not happy with our design – we will refund your website fee 100% this is the safest way to get a new website

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